Beretta M9

$ 649.99

BERETTA Model 92 M9 Commercial 9mm 4.9 Inch Barrel Bruniton Finish Two Dot Sights Plastic Grips 10 Round

Closest replica to the military M9 that a civilian may legally own. Distinctive military style markings on various components closely replicate those of the U. S. Armed Forces M9 pistols. Unique M9-prefixed serial number: (M9-xxxxxx) sets this configuration apart from the other 92 series pistols. Dot-and-Post sight system clones that of the M9. J92M9A0


Action                      Single/Double
Barrel length (in)              4.9
Caliber                     9x19 (PARA)
Grip Width                       1.3"
Magazine                         10
Overall height (in)            5.4
Overall length (in)            8.5
Overall width (in)            1.5
Sight radius (in)              6.1
Weight unloaded (OZ)  33.3